Northstar Bison

Stew Meat (Bison)

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Northstar Bison is the largest distributor of 100% grass fed bison in the Midwest, and will be providing Valley Fresh Market with bison that are 100% pasture raised on a diet of grass varietals which are pesticide free, wheat free, corn free, and soy free. All of the meats are nitrite free, MSG-free, and contains no additives or preservatives. These animals are raised in the wild without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, and are harvested on-site which helps the animals maintain a stress-free lifestyle (which also makes for better, healthier meat). This also gives the farmers total control of their animals from beginning to end. All of the herbs used to season the meats are certified organic as well.

Bison Stew Meat is $14.95/lb

(Photo courtesy of Northstar Bison, LLC)

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