Jake's Country Meats

Bacon Strips

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Our pork selections are provided by Jake's Country Meats, which raises Heritage breeds of Berkshire and Duroc hogs. All of their hogs are pasture-raised, which means the animals are allowed to forage and live their lives on the land; not in a cage, a barn, or a pen. The animals are not given growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or animal by-products. All of Jake's hogs are allowed to forage in the forest for nuts, berries, bugs and more, and are given a supplemented diet of pesticide free non-GMO corn that is grown on their own land. From beginning to end, Jake's knows exactly what their animals need for a stress free life which enables them to grow safely and properly.

Our uncured, nitrite-free bacon comes in a 12-ounce package of approximately 10-12 strips, and is available in Applewood Smoked, Hickory, or Raspberry Chipotle. Canadian Bacon is also available.

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