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Truffles (Boxed)

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Our truffles are made with a fresh blend of premium dark or milk chocolate and heavy Vermont cream, infused with a delicate fruit and nut fusions.

Available in a clear gold-bottom box of 3 truffles (1/4 lb), 6 truffles (1/2 lb), 12 truffles (1 lb), or 20 truffles (1.5 lbs) and wrapped with brown ribbon and floral embellishments.

Select Dark Chocolate for an assortment of dark chocolate flavors, Milk Chocolate for an assortment of milk chocolate flavors, White Chocolate for an assortment of white chocolate flavors, or Assorted to receive a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate truffle flavors.

If you would like to order specific flavors with your delivery or shipment (for example, 3 Peppermint and 3 Caramel), please visit the Individual Truffles page by clicking HERE.

Flavors May Include:

  • Amaretto (milk with milk center)
  • Butter Pecan (milk with milk center)
  • Cappuccino (milk with milk center)
  • Caramel (white with milk and caramel center)
  • Dark Chocolate (dark chocolate)
  • Hazelnut (dark with dark center)
  • Irish Cream (white with dark center)
  • Key Lime (white with white center)
  • Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate)
  • Orange (dark with dark center)
  • Peppermint (dark with dark center)
  • Raspberry (dark with dark center)
  • Rum (milk with milk center)
  • Salted Caramel (milk with milk center)
  • Tiramisu (milk with dark center)
  • Toasted Coconut (white with dark center)
  • Triple Chocolate (white with dark and milk center)
  • Vanilla (dark with white center)

This item is gluten free and peanut free. All truffles are nut free (flavored extracts) except for the Toasted Coconut which contains COCONUT.

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